About Us at AtcharaBkk

Two cultures of Creativity in Crafts, Jewelry, Fashion, Art and Graphic Design.

 AtcharaBkk is the joy of Atchara and Andrew Wicks. Our moto and drive is Creativity and Beauty. We represent two cultures, Thailand and America. Atchara is Angel in Thai and Bkk is the abbreviation for Bangkok Thailand. We complement each other because we have similar and different experiences in areas of creativity. We love making beautiful things and finding better and ethical ways to make our products or making products with less waste, which is better for all of us. The first product for our site is our 2 Sided Sublimation Product Producing System. This was the Idea of Andrew’s creative mother Doris Wicks and was brought to life by Atchara. It makes the process of producing flat Sublimation Products much easier and faster, reduces waste of materials that were due to common line up mistakes, reduces electricity use in production. We will be offering a wide range of products created by ourselves and other Creatives in our circle from different parts of the world and/or influenced by other cultures. We truly believe creative people bring smiles to the world. They invest a lot of time just for a wow and a smile. That is our mission. Through our network of Creatives. We look forward to giving them space on our site also. Quality is most important along with fair prices and great service that will allow our customers to acquire items without grief from spending with us.

We invite and hope you will check back with us often or even join our Mailing List which is through our Newsletter/Group to follow our journey. We promise to make in interesting and worth your time. Thank you for taking your time to read a little about us.